Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Transmission 

Tufts is devoted to the realization of a just and equitable energy transition through the advancement of offshore wind infrastructure, supply chain, and transmission. Based on deep experience with industry, government, and innovation through research, our diverse faculty are bridging the technology-policy interface to help create jobs and protect the environment. Within this framework we educate energy literate and technologically savvy professionals who can collaborate across sectors and disciplines to serve the long-term public interest.

Learn more about our ongoing research in offshore wind infrastructure, supply chain, and transmission.

Aloysius Udenweze

The Tufts program has arrived at just the right time to join the offshore wind power race. Most importantly, it has a serious mission. The decisions we make now will determine the future of energy and whatever course we take will impact all our lives and the lives of future generations.

Aloysius Udenweze, EG26–PhD