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Students in the Offshore Wind Energy Engineering program receive world-class training in wind policy, technical applications, and project management to prepare them for jobs in global industry, academia, and the public sector.

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Luisa Sanoli Sano Santana

I first wanted to be an engineer to help mitigate the effects of climate change in my country, the Dominican Republic. I know that what I do here in Massachusetts can impact the future of the Dominican Republic, and all island nations, by bringing new ideas to the global climate crisis.

Luisa Sanoli Sano Santana, E21, EG23

Caleb Weinstein-Zenner

In a sense we are pioneers, in that we are trying to develop a common language. Economists are thinking about the power grid based on cost, and power system engineers are looking at issues such as power loss. I want to be able to help bridge that communication gap.

Caleb Weinstein-Zenner, E22, EG23